5 Iconic Landmarks In Phnom Penh City You Must Know

Cambodia properties has been the talk of the town for many Singaporean investors recently.

Riding on the success of The Bridge (by Oxley) being 100 percent sold-out, more developments from Cambodia are known to be launching in the first quarter of the year – such as The Bay and The Skyline.

The attractive low entry pricing and easy exit strategy (no minimum holding period, capital gain tax, seller stamp duty) attracts investors from all around the world to invest in Cambodia properties.

When investing in Cambodia, most investors you speak to today chooses to invest their money into Phnom Penh city.

Why invest in Phnom Penh city?

Phnom Penh is the capital and also the largest city in Cambodia.

The emerging market sees an increasing demand from domestic/foreign investors, retailers and multinational companies expanding their business into Phnom Penh city.

Not only that, the country is also witnessing a shift in the living habits of Cambodians, with local buyers wanting to live in newly constructed condominium developments with modern facilities and amenities. (see link)

But with so many Cambodia properties launching in Singapore, how do you decide on which property to invest?

Hence before you buy any properties in Cambodia, I am going to share with you what are the 5 important landmarks in Phnom Penh city you must know – because it could potentially bring a positive impact to the value of your investment.

5 Iconic Landmarks In Phnom Penh City

central market phnom penh

Central Market, Phnom Penh.

1. Central Market

The Central Market is one of the major landmarks located in Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. When it first opened in 1937, it was widely known to be the largest market in Asia. Today it is still a popular market among the locals and tourists. Shoppers can find almost anything in Central Market ranging from gold and silver, antique coins, money exchange, men’s & women’s apparel, clocks, books, flowers, food, fabrics, shoes, souvenirs, seafood and countless of merchandise.


vattanac capital phnom penh

Vattanac Capital

2. Vattanac Capital

Standing at 188m (38 storey), the Vattanac Capital tower is currently one of the tallest building in Cambodia. It is also the only Grade ‘A’ office building in Cambodia, residing at the most prestigious address for commercial business in Phnom Penh city. The tower consist of serviced apartments, retail space, office space, a rooftop outdoor bar and a car park. The Vattanac Capital was completed in 2014.


canadia tower phnom penh

Canadia Tower

3. Canadia Tower

The Canadia Tower is one of the tallest office building located in the heart of Phnom Penh business district area. The Canadia Bank headquarters forms a significant part of the 32-storey building along with other strong profile tenants as well such as Bank of China and UK-based accounting firm ACCA.


sorya mall phnom penh

Sorya Shopping Center

4. Sorya Shopping Center

Opened in 2003, Sorya Shopping Center is the very 1st shopping mall to be open in Phnom Penh city. It is is located just one block south of Central Market on Street 63 and has five floors of shopping. The goods sold at Sorya Mall is indoor with air-conditioning. It was also the first shopping center in Phnom Penh that comes with escalators. Quick tip, shopping in Sorya Shopping Centre is recommended during the weekdays as weekends can be very packed with the young Cambodian locals.


embassy united states phnom penh

US Embassy

5. Embassy of the United States of America

The Embassy of the United States of America is just located in the same vicinity near to Vattanac Capital Tower, National University of Management, University of Health Sciences and Ministry of Public Works & Transports etc. Having an property locating in the bustling area within the vicinity of the US Embassy could meant a huge potential tenant source for your properties.

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